wp0d841112_05_06The Feather Edge Closeboard fencing panel is becoming increasingly popular due to its strength, elegant appearance and maintenance free nature.

Often refered to simply as a feather edge or vertilap panel our Closeboard panel provides one of the strongest traditional fence panels available on the market.

These panels are manufactured using top quality imported Spruce. which gives each fence panel unrivalled protection against the elements.

All panels are available in standard sizes of 6′ in width and heights ranging from 2′ up to 6′. There is also an entry that will allow bespoke sizes to be specified along with any other non standard panels, e.g. sloping tops, corner cutouts etc. Call 0151 420 4960 or 01925444397 for a full details.




wp6bf91932_05_06Steel Palisade fencing is widely used in industrial and commercial fencing applications and provides an ideal perimiter security option. It is made up of H section posts with angle iron horizontal rails secured between them using link plates that are bolted each side of the post with permicone anti tamper nuts and bolts that when tightened cannot be removed. Vertical pales are then secured to the rails using the same type of nuts and bolts.

There are two common pale designs being ‘D’ and ‘W’ which simply refers to the section and shape of the pale and along side this there are a number of different top styles available that make this fencing ideal for a wide variety of applications, these are as follows.

Triple Pointed and Splayed – High Security

Single Point – Medium Security

Rounded or Rounded and Notched – Low Security