Abbey Paving

The Wyresdale range of Abbey paving stones have been designed to the highest quality and provide a wide selection of colours, sizes and two different finishes. The colours available are Burnt Red, Stone Brown, Sandstone, Old York and Weathered Limestone.

Technical Details:

  • All paving stones have a 5mm chamfer around the edge of the face of the stone to ensure a seamless finish when laid.
  • Packs are provided shrink wrapped and banded.

County products are manufactured from the highest quality natural materials in a monitored manufacturing process, but due to the use of natural materials, colour variation may occur, and consistency cannot, therefore, be guaranteed.

All concrete products may occasionally suffer from natural chemical reactions called efflorescence. This is a temporary condition and is in no way detrimental to the performance and quality of county’s products and responsibility cannot be accepted should this occur.

In the unlikely event of any products reaching you in an unsatisfactory condition, you should notify the retailer immediately before any costs are incurred. Responsibility for uplifting and relaying may be prejudiced if upon inspection the fault was obvious prior to laying.

Although every effort is made to ensure consistency of product shade, variations between productions batches can occur, it is, therefore, advisable to draw from several packs as this enhances colour blending and will help alleviate colour variation