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Transform your garden into an amazing outdoor living space with our full range of fence panels. If you’re looking to revamp your garden, then our range of fencing designs are just for you.

The Feather Edge Closeboard fencing panel is becoming increasingly popular due to its strength, elegant appearance, and maintenance-free nature.

Often referred to simply as a feather edge or vertical panel, our Closeboard panel provides one of the strongest traditional fence panels available on the market.

These panels are manufactured using top quality imported Spruce, which gives each fence panel unrivaled protection against the elements.

All panels are available in standard sizes of 6′ in width and heights ranging from 2′ up to 6′. There is also an entry that will allow bespoke sizes to be specified along with any other nonstandard panels, e.g., sloping tops, corner cutouts etc. Just Call 0151 420 4960 or 01925 444397 for full details.

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